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An Acclaimed Southern TV Series Says Goodbye


If by chance you don’t recognize Ray McKinnon’s name, you’d surely know him by sight. For the past quarter-century, the Adel, Georgia, native has starred in roles as varied as Coach Cotton in The Blind Side, assistant U.S. attorney Lincoln Potter on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and the Reverend Henry Weston Smith on HBO’s Deadwood. But when it comes to his work behind the camera, few filmmakers represent the South as often or as well.

McKinnon’s track record of Southern success began in 2001 with The Accountant. He wrote, directed, and starred in the film, playing the title role of a man attempting to save family farm. McKinnon shot the movie—which won the Oscar for live action short film—in Georgia, the first in a line of productions that he would set in his home state. The latest chapter in that legacy begins its denouement this week, when the final season of Sundance TV’s Rectify premieres on Wednesday, October 26, at 10/9 central.

The series tells the story of Daniel Holden, a Georgia man exonerated from death row after DNA evidence casts doubt on his conviction for the rape and murder of his high school girlfriend. The first three seasons (now streaming on Netflix) follow Daniel’s often-awkward integration back into the family he left nineteen years before—and into a small-town society still suspicious of him.

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