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Why we started Georgia Entertainment News…


By all accounts, Georgia’s entertainment industry is booming. With hundreds of TV and film productions and tens of thousands employed by these efforts the impact is clear – billions annually to the Peach State. Now, with additional incentives for post-production, music and video game development, the sky is the limit.

“Oh no, not another publication!”

Actually there’s very little media coverage when compared to the activity in Georgia’s entertainment sphere. The major media outlets offer obligatory updates. Numerous blogs and web sites have come and gone. Many start with the initial energy and effort but lack the resources, support or passion required to sustain momentum. We believe the timing is right for a well-funded and dedicated publication focused on Georgia’s entertainment industry.

After months of planning and preparation, Georgia Entertainment News launched as an active and credible resource for those who work and serve this industry.  We publish news and information from numerous sources and conduct interviews and videos with the who’s who of Georgia’s entertainment world. Our mission is to provide strategic and competitive intelligence to movie makers, production professionals, musicians, game developers, educators and all those with a stake in entertainment.

“Who are you?”

I and those involved in this effort have many years of online publishing experience. As a founder of over 20 successful publications including Georgia CEO we offer a one-stop source for executives and political leaders in regards to entertainment. We have close ties with industry leaders that advise us on content, topics and critical issues. While we report on all the news, Georgia Entertainment News is pro-business, pro-tax incentives, pro-entertainment in Georgia!

“What’s next? How can I get involved?”

We are conducting videos and interviews at festivals and talking to folks in the industry like hotel owners, caterers, educational leaders and politicians. Please let us know if you want to be included in our editorial coverage or would like to be one of our strategic partners.

If you have story ideas, comments or suggestions please contact me directly.

Randy Davidson, CEO

Georgia Entertainment News


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