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‘How Did They Do That?’ This 20 Minute Video Breaks Down a Ton of Movie Magic Tricks


At its very core, cinema is an illusion—an illusion of movement—so it follows that much of what has been accomplished in films is nothing short of magical. From the double exposure techniques of Georges Méliès (who was an actual magician) to Peter Jackson using forced perspective, there are plenty of methods filmmakers use to sell the illusion that what’s up on screen is actually happening.

In this awesome 20-minute video, RocketJump Film School answers that all too common question, “How did they do that” by revealing how different production departments work together to pull off some of the most popular film tricks in history.

RocketJump touches on several areas that use these magical techniques:

  • Editing: match on action, Robert Rodriguez’s “machine gun” technique
  • Cinematography: over the shoulder shots for fight scenes

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