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Update on Tytan’s New Film Studio in Eatonton


Written by Senior Editor, Mollee D. Harper


Eatonton, Georgia

Georgia Film News had the pleasure of interviewing Emmy-winner Scott Jacobs, one of the owners of Tytan Creates, LLC located in Tybee Island. This award-winning entertainment and national production company has a lot going on these days, with five Emmys and another 250 awards to their credit in the last 10 years. None the least are their ongoing plans to build a full service film production studio in Eatonton, Georgia.  

Founded in 2006, Tytan Creates, LLC is a content creation company specializing in cinematography and film production, with a special knack for telling their clients’ stories in a memorable way. The company is owned by three principals; Jim Stone, CEO and Executive Producer, and his wife, Roxy Stone, Director of Photography, along with Scott Jacobs who serves as President and Chief Creative Officer. Tytan Creates, LLC was originally founded as a full service agency, before branching into multi media.

Jacobs added, “We kept winning awards for story-telling, and decided to do more of what we do best on an even bigger scale.”

Four years ago, the three Tytan principals changed the structure of their company to not only focus on company brandings and commercial advertisements, but to offer production and support for a wide range of entertainment projects including independent film and television show production. Tytan Pictures, LLC was formed as a result, allowing the three Tytans to take their company to the next level in film. Walter C. Rocker III joined the cast as CFO for Tytan Pictures and brought Putnam National Resources, LLC to the table to help them find and develop the right spot for their new studio, sound stages and post production offices in Georgia.

After scouting for locations in Savannah with some difficulty, Rocker identified 4.25 acres in Eatonton with 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space and an old vacated prison building for the development project. Team Tytan immediately fell in love with the location and they made an offer on the old Enterprise Aluminum Plant Facility and property.

Jacobs commented, “The build itself hasn’t started yet as the plant is scheduled for use in a film later this year. We love the area and already endearingly refer to Eatonton as our new ‘Norman Rockwell Neighborhood in the South’.”

Eatonton, familiarly known as the “Dairy Capital of Georgia” is a small town located 75 miles to the southeast of Atlanta, nestled along the Antebellum Trail between Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair. The Enterprise Aluminum Plant Facility provided steady jobs for many Eatonton residents for many years, but shut down operations in 2008 and has been vacant ever since. Tytan’s move to the area, the old plant and prison marks an exciting new day for residents in new jobs and economic growth. Eatonton features some of the most picturesque landscape in South Georgia and is an ideal location for Tytan’s new studio and independent film shoots themselves.  

Jacobs added, “This new development is a real win-win for all parties involved, Tytan and Eatonton residents alike. We can live in a beautiful place and do more of what we love to do while bringing new jobs and the excitement of Georgia’s film industry to the area.”


Jacobs continued, “Tytan’s goal is to become the largest independent film producer in the Southeast. We have 10 pictures in the film slate right now. The two we have in pre-production are both being shot in Eatonton. Our goal is to put Eatonton back on the map, and provide wonderful services in the entertainment industry to the residents and local community.”

Jacobs attributes Tytan’s rapid growth and success to a strong foundation, strong history and strong partners, both within Tytan and the industry itself. He believes Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia film industry tax credit program have really opened the door for companies like Tytan, to do more locally.  

“The Georgia film industry tax credits have significantly helped calm our investors and are one of the smartest things Georgia and Governor Nathan Deal have ever done. When you bring in over $9 billion to the state as a result, there’s not much bad you can say. I appreciate our Governor’s insight and understanding of the film industry, and I look at the tax credits and the fact Georgia is a nice place with very nice people, as the real gravitational pull to make our state the new entertainment capitol of the world.”

For more information about Tytan Creates, LLC and Tytan Pictures, visit their websites at and

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