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Don’t Miss The 100 Hour Film Race, December 8-12: Insights from Dr. Richard Tavernaro of Film Racing


by Senior Editor, Mollee Harper

Georgia Film News recently spoke with Dr. Richard Tavernaro co-owner of Atlanta-based Film Racing, LLC to preview the upcoming 100 Hour Film Race 2016 beginning December 8 and running 100 hours through December 12. The 100 Hour Film Race is an international competition that challenges filmmakers around the world to create shorts – 8 minutes in length – in 100 Hour time.


Dr. Richard Tavernaro explained, “Film Racing, LLC was started 14 years ago in New York by Charlie Wiesman. Last year, Charlie decided to pass the torch to someone new. I had been involved in the race for 6 or 7 years as a competitor. When he put it up for sale, I pulled together a small talented team and purchased Film Racing, LLC. We moved the venue from New York to Atlanta to be part of the Marietta Film Festival. The transition was finalized in late April.”

He added, “The Film Racing, LLC brand includes the 24 Hour Film Race and the 100 Hour Film Race. The four co-owners are myself, Barbara Garvey with East Coast Talent, Matt McGaharan of Iron Shadows Cinema, Joel Devisser with Rock This World Films.”

Dr. Tavernaro is also co-owner and has served as President of Long Shots Productions in Marietta, Georgia for the past six years. Long Shots Productions was founded by Robert Kelly in 2000 to feature Kelly’s early life as a criminal attorney in the heart of Atlanta in the 70s. Long Shots Productions creates shorts, TV pilots and films.

Dr. Tavernaro explained, “Film racing involves filmmakers of all levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and challenges them to create a film in a short amount of time. We email them the theme, prop, and action at the start of the contest. They have 100 hours to film, edit and submit an 8 minute film. It allows filmmakers to really showcase their skills in filmmaking. The contest has an international reach as filmmakers and viewers from all over the world participate.”

The 100 Hour Film Race 2016 contest starts at 8 PM EST on Thursday, December 8, 2016 and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, December 12, 2016. Each of the contest filmmakers will be provided with a surprise theme, prop and action assignment at the contest start which must be included in the film. The theme will be the same for every team in the competition, but teams may receive different actions and props.

Dr. Tavernaro added, “I love the fact as a previous competitor in this contest I was able to use my own creativity and pick a genre and create anything I wanted. I love the challenge of doing it. It really is a challenge to create a film in 100 hours. I am a person who loves a challenge and to create a challenge.”

The films created by the top ten finalists during this year’s 100 Hour Film Race will be used in the creation of an anthology feature film, where their stories will be used to revolve around a central story to be filmed after the competition. The completed feature film will then be submitted to distributors.

This year’s distinguished panel of judges for the 100 Hour Film Race includes: Humberto Busto, Deepti Gupta, Judy Laster, Shabazz Ray, Yaniv Rokah and Nick Tate.

Cash prizes are awarded for first ($1,500), second ($500) and third ($250) place winners. In addition to the $20,000 in prize money, awards will also be given in the following categories: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Original Music Score, Best Music Supervision, Best Sound Design, Best Animation, Best Visual FX, Best Special FX, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-Up.

The 24 Hour Film Race 2016 was held on June 24-25, 2017 earlier this year. Filmmakers were challenged to create short films of 5 minutes in length maximum based on a surprise theme – A Second Chance, a surprise action – Pushing a Button, and a surprise prop – A Deck of Cards. The top 24 winners of the 24 Hour Film Race were recognized at a special Gala Screening and Awards Ceremony at the Marietta Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2016.

Winners of this year’s 100 Hour Film Race 2016 will be recognized at a special Gala Screening and Awards Ceremony at the Strand Theatre in Marietta, Georgia in January 2017. 

Dr. Tavernaro concluded, “We’re trying to change the way productions are made in Atlanta. We’re trying to enhance the film industry in Georgia. We’re all about helping people in the film industry succeed in our State.”

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