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Georgia Homes, Buildings and Landscape are Film-Worthy – Feature Your Property in a Georgia Film Production


By Mollee Harper, Senior Editor

Georgia’s entertainment industry has exploded over the past decade earning the Peach State its new reputation as the “Hollywood of the South”. Much of Georgia’s success has been attributed to the financial incentives provided through the Georgia Entertainment and Industry Investment Act (GEIIA) also known as the film tax credit passed in 2005. However, diversity in landscape has played its own important role in Georgia’s success.

While tax credits offer a financial benefit to film producers in the state, the state itself draws in its own crowd of fans enticing filmmakers to shoot on new locations with countless scenic landscapes, bucolic backdrops, Victorian neighborhoods and historic buildings at their disposal. Georgia’s entertainment industry provides land and property owners throughout the State with new opportunities to showcase their Georgia real estate in television and film productions.

Herb Kossover of Kossover & Company, Inc. explained, “I think we are in a great place in Georgia and just want to see this momentum continue.  The state is really beautiful so there are new landscapes and backgrounds to film here that people haven’t seen before. There are a lot of places Georgia can be.”

The state of Georgia features some of the most diverse and scenic real estate in the United States through its natural resources, historic landmarks and cities including Savannah, and global city developments like Atlanta. Georgia’s eastern coastal communities feature golden beaches and marshland full of saltwater fauna from the Atlantic Ocean. To the north, Georgia’s landscape is framed by the breath-taking Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains system complete with cascading rivers and streams. The middle of Georgia is rich in agricultural areas and farmlands and home to countless dams, rivers, streams, trout-filled lakes and majestic pine-filled forests.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) is the state’s sales and marketing arm and lead agency for attracting new business investments in the state. One of the primary missions of the GDEcD is to promote the state as a location for film, music and digital entertainment projects. Georgians who own land and property throughout the state have the opportunity to get involved in Georgia’s booming entertainment industry by having their real estate featured in television and film.

Georgians can list their land or property as a film location with the GDEcD for shooting location consideration by filmmakers in the state as well as filmmakers who come to the state to film. The listing process is fairly easy and straightforward. Property owners need to submit photos of the interior and exterior along with details about the location. Submissions that meet the guidelines will be featured on the GDEcD website and promoted as shooting locations to entertainment industry professionals. Georgians can also list their lodging properties to be featured in the GDEcD Reel-Crew production directory.

For more information on how to list your land or property as a shooting location or lodging for the film industry, visit the GDEcD website.


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