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Green-lighting an effort to keep Georgia musicians in Georgia


(Excerpt) – Michele Caplinger, who heads up the Atlanta chapter of the people who bring you the Grammys, suggested some tuneful symbiosis with the movie industry.

“Every film has music. And the music budget is generally 5 percent of that film budget,” she said. “So if we actively promoted and attracted scoring projects to Georgia, that would be a minimum of $85 million just spent on scoring.”

In the last two years, Caplinger said, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York have created tax incentives to attract tour rehearsal productions – tax breaks for bands and their roadies who might occupy local communities for weeks at a time.

David Barbe is director of the University of Georgia music business program. He’s produced a few “Drive-By Truckers” albums, and he believes that music has become a small-ball industry and should be treated accordingly.

Barbe spoke of tax incentives aimed at recording budgets, which on average fall somewhere between $10,000 and $100,000 per album. “These are middle class businesses, essentially,” Barbe said.

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