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Inside the Atlanta-based Film Tribe Entertainment, With Co-Founder and CEO Yelena Hertzberg


Georgia Film News sits down with one of the four co-founders, CEO and Managing Partner Yelena Hertzberg of the Atlanta-based Film Tribe Entertainment, LLC (FilmTribe), a full-service multimedia film production, post production and visual effects company. During our time together, Hertzberg reveals her start in the industry and how Atlanta became her home and headquarters for FilmTribe. She provides insights into their full-service offerings and highlights FilmTribe’s unique approach and the advantages of doing business in Georgia.

Hertzberg explained, “I started out as a fashion designer and worked for years with big design houses in LA.  I met my husband in 1998 while I was in college and he was working in the film industry. He helped me get into wardrobe styling by finding me an agent. I styled for TV commercials, music videos and magazines. My husband moved up the production ladder from PA to Producer of TV commercials and music videos.”

“We got married in 2002 and started a family. In 2007, we moved from LA to Charlotte because my husband specialized in car commercials and wanted to work for NASCAR, producing their commercials and branded content. He kept getting freelance jobs in Atlanta. While there, he heard Atlanta was becoming the new ‘Hollywood’. We sold our house and moved to Atlanta in 2011 to be part of all the excitement!”

“The cost of living, quality of life, and Georgia Film Tax Credits were a huge draw for us to uproot our family and move to Atlanta to open a production company. We can tap into the tax credits on so many different levels. We are totally excited about that. And, we’re staying positive and optimistic that they will stay in place.”

“We always wanted to go out on our own and start a production company. Our dream became a reality in 2015 when we launched FilmTribe. There are four partners in the business: Elan Hertzberg, Scott Italiaander, Allen Lipis and me. I’m the CEO and my husband is the Head of Production. Scott runs our legal department and Allen runs our finance department,” Hertzberg said.


Hertzberg explained, “We specialize in cutting edge visual content, incorporating complicated VFX shots as well as full post services for feature films, TV commercials, music videos and corporate projects. FilmTribe is unique in several ways. First and foremost, we have over 25 years of LA live-action production experience. One of the major things that separates us from other production companies in Atlanta is that we are not home-grown. The ‘LA quality’ we offer our clients is an important distinction.”

“We are a great little department store, where you can one-stop-shop for a bunch of big things. We provide creative, live action, full post production services, superior VFX and emerging digital technologies. We produce great work in the new Hollywood without the old Hollywood overhead.”

Hertzberg continued, “We know we impact our society through visual messaging. So we use ‘The Force’ wisely. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of quality with business integrity, and an eye on social responsibility. “

“FilmTribe’s logo encompasses an arrow and the tag line – ‘We shoot it. We kill it. Your audience eats it up.’ We’re all about being straight shooters, both in our work and in how we conduct our business. We aim to always be on time and on target and hit the bull’s-eye,” said Hertzberg.


She added, “FilmTribe is unique in the industry because we are a one-stop-shop that takes care of all the details from creative and live action to full post-production. We are a rare hybrid in that we are a production, visual effects (VFX) as well as a full post production shop. This means that our directorship is infused at every step of the way to ensure the highest level of quality in the finished product. Our visual effects capabilities are truly spectacular in that we can virtually create or re-create anything.”

Hertzberg continued, “VFX capability is essential nowadays, as it allows for visual presentation that is otherwise impossible in live action. We have produced scenes and products that look completely true to life and authentic when in fact they are completely digital. Being a full post production house ensures that the initial conception and creative direction of an idea is followed through to the finish. Having full post capabilities also has a substantial impact on project timeline and cost, so not only are we able to complete projects faster, but we can pass substantial editing savings on to the client as well.”

Hertzberg added, “FilmTribe currently has eight directors on our roster as well as hundreds of freelance directors, creatives, producers, editors and VFX artists. Our eight key directors are from around the globe and are diverse, highly-skilled and at the top of their field in their respective niches spanning the spectrum from comedy and lifestyle to car chases and high-end visual FX. This gives us the capability to take on any type of project with the confidence that we can deliver a flawless deliverable. Aside from our eight key directors, we also have access to a well-known network of close to one hundred international directors, so as to be able to fuse a tailored directorial vision to any given project. We can bring unparalleled experience as well as talent, based right here in Atlanta, to any advertising agency and client.”

Hertzberg concluded, “We always try to use local crew and talent when shooting in Atlanta. Georgia is working very hard to build infrastructure by providing education, tools and resources to elevate the quality of the local talent and crew. We completely support that and are positioned to stay in the action and do everything we can to help with this initiative. We are also tapping into the local emerging talent in Georgia by working closely with SCAD, Georgia film schools, Creative Circus, and the Georgia Film Commission. The Atlanta film community landscape is changing rapidly and we are super excited to be part of all the action!”

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