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Top Senator raises concerns over Chinese conglomerate’s Hollywood takeovers


A top Senate Democrat is calling for increased scrutiny of China’s ambitions in Hollywood and other sectors, lending a critical new voice to a cause championed by President-elect Donald Trump.

In a letter sent Wednesday, incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the takeovers of U.S. companies by China’s Dalian Wanda Group Co. and others warrant further scrutiny to determine whether they are being orchestrated by Chinese government interests—possibly leaving U.S. companies to compete on an uneven playing field. The move increases the likelihood of a re-examination of how the U.S. allows the nation to invest in American companies.

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  1. James Beauchamp on

    Schumer and Democrats being so wishy-washy and politically correct are part of the reason for loss of jobs Why in the world is he worried now. Who will he push against and if so the Chinese will have to be Republican
    3 elections 3 demo wipe outs and more jobs sent oversees only government has grown obeses It all boils down to politics Glad Georgia went RED The one that at least will try to help America is Trump GOD BLESS TRUMP Actors allready have made deals so slap your cheeks Schumer and say “oh my” whaat willll Weee doo. Lets warranty some scrunity.

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