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Zero Pay For Some L.A. Stage Actors As Minimum Wage Rule Kicks In


As new Actors’ Equity rules go into effect today that require small theaters in Los Angeles to begin paying their union actors at least minimum wage, some small non-union venues, it turns out, aren’t paying their actors anything at all.

Last week, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by for SAG president Ed Asner that would have prevented Actors’ Equity from requiring small Los Angeles-based theater companies that sign its contract to pay their actors at least minimum wage.

Deadline has found numerous casting notices posted on a popular employment referral website that are looking for professional actors who are willing to work for free. Producers of a non-union project called Reservoir Bitches has a notice posted on the Casting Frontier site seeking a male actor of any ethnicity, age 25-65, to play the role of The Cop, a “poor guy (who) is about to have the worst day of his life.” The pay rate is listed as “none.”

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  1. Gasp! Small productions advertise for folks to work for free? Next thing you know producers will ask crew members to work for the “experience” or “exposure”…

    Oh, wait. That happens every day.

    I’ll do an occasional favor for a producer that sends me lots of business. I tell the rest, that’s why they call it “show BUSINESS” and not “show friends”.

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