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Film Action in Villa Rica


There’s a unique class project under way in Villa Rica. A young group of aspiring actors have teamed up with a company of would-be filmmakers to produce a full-length motion picture.

The students of Words in Motion studio – kids ranging from fifth grade to seniors – are learning how to act as an ensemble. In the meantime, their adult supervisors are learning about Hollywood-style special effects, costuming, set decoration, scheduling and logistics. In short, they are learning all the intricate details of making a movie.

The group has Tinseltown dreams for their project, but they’re not starry-eyed. The main goal is to give the young actors practical experience in honing their craft – and, of course, to have a lot of fun in the process.

The movie they are making is called “Endicott Falls.” It’s a fantasy picture involving a group of time-traveling kids who go on adventures set in the past and distant future. And various locations around Villa Rica and west Georgia will all feature in the finished film.

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