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A Triumphant Story of Perseverance and Progress: “Hidden Figures” – #GAfilm Review (5 of 5 Stars)


by Christina Nicole, Senior Editor

Using precise mathematical calculations, the real women behind the Hidden Figures use a man in a rocket to shatter the glass ceiling in 1960s America. Hidden Figures is a magnificent movie in the vain of Stand and Deliver and it’s more than the sum of its parts; it’s an instant classic that teachers will use to inspire their student for years to come.  Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughn are the “Black Computers” who were integral to NASA sending the first American into space. Hidden Figures tells their incredible story.

Hidden Figures shows how “We shall overcome,” but it’s more than just a black movie. It is an intelligent movie. It is a feminist movie. It is a movie that shows the power of perseverance. The racial climate in the US needs more films like Hidden Figures and Loving. The turmoil and strife surrounding the African American community are a lot to bare. These films are inspiring and hopeful. They tell positive stories of innovators and people unafraid of the hate shown toward them based on the color of their skin.

Katherine, Mary and Dorothy face discrimination on a daily basis, but they do not cower in the face of adversity. They are strong and steady in their high heeled shoes. They look the racism and sexism in the eye and outsmart them. They do their jobs at NASA and show their indispensability. They are the best and the brightest, without contest, but their intelligence is consistently questioned. The white counterparts in the film belittle in both subtle and overt ways, but the women keep their wits about them and prove their worth.

The acting in Hidden Figures is wonderful. The tremendous Taraji P. Henson does a great job as Katherine Johnson. Octavia Spencer provides another Oscar-worthy performance as Dorothy Vaughn. Janelle Monae marvelously plays Mary Jackson. Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Mahershala Ali and the rest of the cast add to exceptional film with their great performances.

Hidden Figures has great sound. Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer do great work separately, but together, they are unstoppable. The score earned a Golden Globe nomination. It is quite the contender. Pharell’s song, “Able” is definitely one of the best original songs for a movie in a very long time.

5/5 stars


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