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A-Zs of Film & TV Pre-Production Event Set


The Big Picture Film & Video Foundation and RULE THE SET ACADEMY present this FREE Panel Discussion: A-Zs OF FILM & TELEVISION PRE-PRODUCTION PLANNING 

Sat, Feb 25 | 3:30 PM


395 Mount Vernon Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30328

Weeks or even months before the first cast and crew members arrive on set, production has already been in play.  Pre-production planning is one of the most important things you can do for your video shoot.  And the best producers understand how most of the time, it can make or break your film or television project.  The key to success is organization. And pre-production planning is where you start.   

Join us for an informative panel with working professionals who will share some case studies and best practices on finding success on set in Atlanta film and television by doing some quality pre-production.   Full listing of our featured guests coming soon!

Tommy Burns, Moderator – Cinematographer, Editor, Director

Early registration is now open for this session to learn more about how to not only succeed, but to make a lucrative living in the Film/TV industry in Atlanta!  Sessions are free and open to the public, but be sure to register right away as we expect all seats to fill quickly!  Advance notice via early registration is available only to the hosting partner and the Big Picture Foundation and Rule the Set mailing lists for a limited time- then registration opens to the general public.  Seating is extremely limited; pre-registration is required.  Click here for details or to reserve your seat.   




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