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Entertainment Industry Insurance Insights with Rob Jones of The Sullivan Group HR and Elke Quinn of Sapelo Insurance


By Mollee Harper, Senior Editor

Georgia Film News met with CEO Rob Jones of The Sullivan Group HR and Elke Quinn, Agency Manager for Sapelo Insurance to learn about their entertainment film insurance offering.  Jones and Quinn share how this Savannah-based firm has expanded its offering specifically to meet the needs of Georgia’s booming film industry over the past couple of years. They offer comprehensive insurance products and services tailored to film productions of all sizes that often qualify for Georgia’s tax credits at the state level and the local Savannah Entertainment Production Incentive.

Sapelo Insurance was founded in 2004 as a standard, multi-line insurance company with a full suite of offerings in the areas of commercial and personal insurance. Elke Quinn serves as Agency Manager overseeing Sapelo Insurance operations and staff. Sapelo Insurance offers a commercial and residential line of insurance products. The commercial insurance line includes Worker’s Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Group Health Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance. Their personal line includes homeowner’s and auto insurance as well as health and life.

Jones explained, “In late 2015, we knew the entertainment industry was growing in Savannah. As an established business, we looked at what we could bring to the table for the production companies doing business here locally.”

Elke explained, “When Rob approached me with an opportunity to provide the insurance, I had to find companies that specialized in the entertainment industry. We now offer all types of insurance coverage for the film industry. We understand we are one of the only agents in the area with this focus and offering. Being local, we can help our clients facilitate the tax advantages through the Georgia Tax Credits and the local Savannah Entertainment Production Incentive for Savannah-based productions.”

She continued, “Specialized film production packages provide unique coverages not found outside these programs and are only offered by a very small number of companies through dedicated brokers. We have the ability to properly insure productions both small and very large. Sapelo Insurance has had great success tailoring coverage for the clients we have insured. We have the facilities to provide quick, timely, and competitive services and products. We want to get our name out there and make sure entertainment industry professionals know they can come to us for all of their insurance needs, whether they live local or are shooting on location in Georgia.”

Elke offered, “Our focus is on productions of all sizes. We have written small policies for documentaries for two week projects and larger policies on longer productions that last several months.”

“The money they spend locally in insurance can be factored into their total production costs and eligible for Georgia’s tax credit and the local Savannah Entertainment Production Incentive rebate program.”

“We are based in Savannah and certainly have a strong focus on this area but we are capable of providing coverage in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. In theory, we can work anywhere in the state,” she added.

Jones concluded, “In 2017, we’ll be casting a wider net with this offering. We aren’t aware of anyone else in Savannah that is providing this level of insurance service to the industry to date. We are actively looking to provide that service and believe we are in a good position to provide exceptional service for anyone that comes to town.”

Jones explained, “The Sullivan Group HR and Sapelo have been serving the residents and community of Savannah for the past 30 years. We reach out to the public regularly and work together closely with locals to identify new needs within our community. Georgia’s film industry has grown so much over the past several years and is a thriving industry now. We knew we wanted to be a part of that.”

Jones concluded, “We are currently exploring other offerings we can tailor to film. As an HR outsourcing company, we offer staffing and payroll services and are looking at other ways to meet the specific needs of the entertainment industry.” 

The Sullivan Group HR is a company based out of Savannah, Georgia that provides workers compensation insurance, health benefits, HR compliance, staffing and payroll services to over 200 companies in Georgia and South Carolina. The Sullivan Group HR has served the local community of Savannah for over 30 years. Their primary insurance programs are offered through an independent division – Sapelo Insurance.

Jones serves as CEO of The Sullivan Group HR, parent company for Sapelo Insurance. Jones joined the Company in 1998 and has worn a lot of different hats over the years, including serving as COO before promoting to his current post at the helm. Jones attended Appalachian State University where he obtained his BS degree in Archaeology.

Elke Quinn joined the agency in 2009 after having retired from a 32-year career in the insurance industry and serves as Agency Manager of the Sapelo Creative Insurance Solutions.

Sapelo Insurance is a proud sponsor of Georgia Film News and a preferred partner for insurance products and services. For more information on Sapelo Insurance visit their website at:


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