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#GAfilm Review: “Fist Fight” (3.5 of 5 Stars)


Review by Senior Editor, Christina Nicole

Fights in a high school are nothing new, but a Fist Fight between teachers is practically unheard of. The new film starring Charlie Day and Ice Cube does just that. It pits the aptly named Strickland, Cube, against the passive Campbell, Day.

It’s the last day of school and the stress level is high as the senior pranks are out of control and all teachers must sit in front of the principal and superintendent to defend their jobs. No one is safe.

Ice Cube’s Mr. Strickland is the stereotypically angry and intimidating.  He’s upset that the school spent a large sum of money on a new coffee machine, which he cannot figure out, but can’t seem to get funds together for updated textbooks. Charlie Day’s cowardly Mr. Campbell apprehensively assists.

As the day progresses, Strickland and Campbell meet again; this time in Strickland’s classroom where the TV/VCR keeps inexplicably turning off. Campbell figures out that a student is controlling the TV with his cellphone. When Strickland loses his temper, and takes a fire ax to the student’s desk, both teachers are called to the principal’s office. Campbell caves under the pressure of potentially losing his job; ergo snitching on Strickland. Strickland responds by challenging Campbell to a Fist Fight.

Comedy ensues as Campbell does everything in his power to get out of the fight that is already trending on Twitter, #TeacherFight. He is racing against the clock to save his job and his face. The weak and meek Mr. Campbell is pushed to his wit’s end.

The climactic fight scene is everything one would expect. It’s laugh-out-loud funny without being slapstick and it’s long without going on forever.

The Georgia-made film is mildly hilarious with an ensemble cast of comedians. It’s silly and fun; and yet touches on very real issues public school teachers face. Overall, the film is not bad, but it’s not great either. It’s a predictable, laughable but lukewarm workplace comedy. 

It’s a solid 3.5 of 5 stars.


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