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Georgia’s creative industries generated $62.5 billion in total economic impact


The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) announced today that the state’s creative industries generated $62.5 billion in total economic impact in 2015. The creative industries in Georgia represent a combined $37 billion in revenue and employ an estimated 200,000 Georgians statewide, making up five percent of employment in the state.

“Our thriving creative economy not only makes Georgia an ideal place to live, but also a great place to do business,” said Pat Wilson, Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner. “Our arts, culture, film, television, music and digital entertainment sectors have a significant impact on Georgia’s economy and offer our creative workforce an abundance of opportunities.”

In support of the new economic impact numbers, Georgia Council for the Arts released a  Georgia’s Creative Economy brochure which outlines information on the impact, institutions, organizations and individuals that fuel the creative industries in Georgia. With a booming film and television industry, a long-standing tradition of writing and recording music, emerging gaming and digital media firms, and some of the most revered cultural institutions in the southeastern U.S., Georgia is a nexus for creativity and industry.

“Georgia’s nonprofit and for profit creative sectors create a healthy ecosystem in Georgia that enables each other to grow and thrive,” said Karen Paty, executive director of Georgia Council for the Arts, a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “Our vibrant creative culture is a powerful tool that draws people in, attracts industry, fuels redevelopment, research, design and innovation.”

Georgia Council for the Arts created the Georgia’s Creative Economy brochure to reveal the economic impact of Georgia’s creative industries. For more information about the brochure and other arts industry related resources, visit


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