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Learn How Productions Are Pieced Together Through Seamless Collaboration


The 2017 Atlanta Film Festival Creative Conference is breaking the mold from prior years, moving away from entry level classes to focus on the creative collaboration between key departments to explore the art of filmmaking. To give you a taste of our Creative Conference, we present The Art of Film: Crafting The Look. This conversation focuses on how a Director,  Production Designer, and Director of Photography prep and collaborate to create the look and feel of a project before it goes into production. Panelists share their experiences as both a Department Head and Key and how those different jobs inform their work. From breaking down a script to creating a common language of communication, we’ll discuss the art of inspiring creativity through teamwork.

The first 40 (age-appropriate) attendees receive a drink ticket for a FREE Pabst Blue Ribbon. As always, this event is free & open to the public.

Join us at Manuel’s Tavern on Tuesday, February 21 at 7:30 PM.

Attending guests include:

  • Marc Dobiecki, Director of Photography / Camera Operator
  • Janlatae Mullins, Director / Casting Director
  • Angela Barnes Gomes, Director / 1st AD
  • Alex West, Production Designer / Art Director
  • Molly Coffee, Director / Production Designer / ATLFS Filmmaker-in-Residence

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