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Movie making more than standing behind the camera


After filming a dozen short movies, Brandon Herron understands the complexities of film making.

The credits shown at the end of his newest short film “Riverview” will name him director, but he has learned that might be the easiest part of the job.

During filming, Herron spent much of his time working behind the scenes on details such as lighting, acoustics and props. Once the filming started, actors performed their roles multiple times, with Herron making suggestions before each scene was reshot. In many instances, the actors repeated their roles while Herron filmed the scene from different angles.

Now that filming is completed, Herron said the hard part begins.

He is in the process of weaving the different scenes filmed at different locations in Camden County two weeks ago into a short horror/suspense film he hopes will make people jump out of their seats when it debuts on the big screen at upcoming film festivals.

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