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Part 2: Introducing Afro Acid Pioneer DJ Pierre: ATL Underground in the WildPitch Club


by Mollee Harper, Senior Editor

In part two of this special series on DJ Pierre and the acid house music scene in Atlanta, Georgia Film News travels behind the scenes of the artist-owned techno club – WildPitch. DJ Pierre shares the latest on his club since its opening in June 2016 and performing live. He provides insights into Atlanta’s music scene and what it is like owning a nightclub in downtown Atlanta.

In June 2016, DJ Pierre and his business partner, Andrea, became proud club owners and opened the doors to WildPitch, a house and techno club focused on the customer. This is the first artist owned venue in the city located at 255 Trinity Avenue in Atlanta’s Underground district. WildPitch is a one-room warehouse venue with high ceilings, a 250-person capacity and a world-class sound system provided by D.A.S Audio. DJ Pierre uses his venue to cultivate new talent and sounds, and to help to continue to put Atlanta on the map and circuit for DJs and music producers from around the globe.

DJ Pierre shared, “The name WildPitch is a style of music. During the 90s in New York, I was well known for this style of music called WildPitch. I lot of the top DJs play that style. I thought it was a fitting name for the club.”

“It’s been an amazing experience for me opening my club. It wasn’t a dream but now that I have one I really love it. It gives me the opportunity to book my big named peers who get paid big bucks to come play the club. I am able to get big talent based on relationship with them in the industry. I am in their corner and other artists know that. I can really bring talent to the people. I want to be seen as someone who understands our plight and the music and isn’t all about the money,” he said.

“By opening the club, I was putting my money where my mouth is. I am investing back in Atlanta. Whether this club is successful or not, I’m still who I am. I’m committed to help the city grow and bring more attention to the music scene here.”

DJ Pierre continued, “My wife, Andrea, and I own the business. She has been my manager for the past 10 years. Andrea runs the club and books all of the talent.”

“The club is really a house of electronic music. When you walk in there is almost a mini museum in the front. So when you walk in, you experience the history of the house music scene from disco to the 80s and up until now. We have photos of artists throughout the years and old drum machines and more. We’re going to continue to build that up so that patrons can learn about who we are, what we do and our plight in the music industry.”

“I invite folks to the studio and to workshops in the club to help people get used to the equipment and how to make our style of music. The club also helps the producers of the equipment – drum sets and keyboards. They get to know Atlanta musicians and the musicians get to know them.”

DJ Pierre explained, “Right now, I am traveling a lot so it is hard for me to play there consistently. I am trying to lock down at least once a month. The club is a platform to help build the Atlanta scene and showcase artists from other countries that are touring so they have a place to share their talent and music.”

“Some venues are just too big and others are bars. “We have put a world class sound system in this venue. This is the first and only sound system like it in Atlanta. We’ve been told by everyone that has come here and performed here that it is the best sound system they’ve heard in a  while.. We really wanted to give the artists and music lovers a unique experience.”

DJ Pierre concluded, “I’m trying to groom an experience. I want the patrons to come because of the music and not just socialize and drink. We’re really totally different and appealing to those who love the music and want to dance. It’s all about the music. You need a place with room to dance and a powerful sound system. We’re waiting for the city to catch up to that.”

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