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Rep Micah Gravley’s Report to Citizens Highlights Douglas County


Rep Gravley included the following comments in his recent summary of activity in Atlanta:

“On January 24th, I had the pleasure of recognizing Douglas County’s many film contributions through House Resolution 93, which honored the Douglas County Film Trail efforts. Over the years, Douglas County has been instrumental in growing Georgia’s thriving film industry, as it has played host to nearly 40 T.V. and movie productions since 1976. The Douglas County Film Trail welcomes tourists to our area as individuals use digital maps or hard copies from the Douglas County Welcome Center and Film Office to conduct semi-structured, self-guided tours of various film sites. As a lifelong resident of this area, it has been amazing to experience first-hand our growth within the film industry. To put it more simply, Douglas County was a pioneer in Georgia’s film industry, before filming in Georgia was “cool.” Proud to represent Douglas County!”

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