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Rising film director showcases talent at Georgia State


Rising film director Erika Anderson showcased her talent in the Campus Movie Fest (CMF) on Monday, Feb. 13. CMF, which is the  World’s largest student film festival, was hosted at Georgia State University. Contestants were given one week to create five minute short films. Over 200 films were entered but only 16 were chosen. What makes this festival unique is that filmmakers were not aware whether or not their films were chosen, and found out upon screening. The shorts were shown in four rounds of four ranking from lowest to highest scoring.

Among the contestants, Erika Anderson submitted her film “Kitty” which follows the journey of Kitty (Kita Clarke), an exotic dancer and student, and her loyal customer Max, whose lives intersect in more ways than one.  “I got my inspiration from a lot of things,” said Erika Anderson. “When I thought about college students who become strippers, I thought about a girl I went to high school with.  I also transferred to Georgia State and you see that a lot,” Anderson continued. “There’s a lot of girls that are strippers that you don’t know are.”

Anderson has her own production company named Reel Form Media. “I’m going in this direction of making films about situations that people really don’t talk about and that people really don’t see,” said Anderson. “I just want people to think. It’s a way of being aware of your surroundings in a different way. Besides the storyline, I want people to see my directing skills, my cinematography skills.”

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