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How The Georgia Film Industry Helped Expand One Local Small Business


One of the great things about this new blog is I get to travel around the state meeting everyday people. For example, I was down in Senoia earlier this month working on a piece about how the town has been transformed into this exciting, unique place due in large part to the film industry. Be sure to check out the piece, which you can read here. Anyway, while I was in the area I stopped one morning for a cup of coffee and new local spot, The Toasty Toad.

While waiting for my coffee I began talking to the owner, Sherri Woods. While chitchatting I found out they got their start in the food service world via the Georgia film industry. They had a New Orleans-style Sno-Ball food truck they parked on production sets to serve those working the shoots. One thing led to another and they’ve since expanded to a new truck and now a brick and mortar location. Below is a Q&A I did with Woods about her business, how the Georgia film industry has helped it (spoiler alert: a lot), and what the future holds.

See the interview at GPB.


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