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Macon: Arts are leaders in historic preservation


We may not always think of them in this way, but the arts — especially theater, film and music — play a large role in the community’s historic preservation efforts.

Currently, for example, the restoration of the Capricorn Recording Studio downtown is in the news, but as I look at what’s happening, it’s clear that examples are everywhere. The Douglass Theatre — a symbol of the days of segregation now known for hosting the Macon Film Guild, the CollegeTown Film Festival, the Metropolitan Opera HD telecasts and the National Theatre Live telecasts — was just a few hours away from the wrecking ball back in the 1970s.

Ditto for the Grand Opera House. What about the Ritz Theatre, now home to Theatre Macon? And the Cox Capital Theatre, once relegated to being divided into classrooms, is today one of our prime venues.

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