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Thank the Governor & Legislators for Supporting Our Industry


As you may know, Film Day at the Capitol is Wednesday, March 15th. Georgia Film News, GPP and others are encouraging attendance. Here is an additional way to show your support of the industry even if you can not attend the event in Atlanta. The following is courtesy of GPP.

GPP is encouraging all industry professionals and supporters to show appreciation for the production tax incentive in two ways:

1 – Speak Out

Before Wednesday, write a letter to the editor of all your local papers explaining the importance of a strong production environment to your career and livelihood. It should be very short (less than 200 words usually) and personal. Impressive facts and figures are good but the story of individuals are what makes a real impact!

Here are a couple of samples:

March __, 2017

Re: Georgia Film Day

Dear editors:

As a (LIST JOB IN INDUSTRY), thank you for taking note of the growing film and TV industry in Georgia, and the ongoing support of all who work tirelessly to make it all happen – from our elected officials, to Georgia Production Partnership, to those who continue bring their television and movie projects to our state.

The fact is, the strength of the film and TV industry in Georgia is a direct reflection of the tax incentive in place. When money is spent on this industry in Georgia, jobs are created. And because of those jobs, I am able to do what I love and support my hometown economy. Georgians have worked hard to build the film and television industry here and it is paying us back with employment, investment and tourism.

I appreciate your support of this dynamic industry and all of the Georgians it employs as we celebrate Georgia Film Day.






March __, 2017

Re: Georgia Film Day

Dear editors:

In the last few years, the film and TV industry has flourished in Georgia, employing our residents while growing infrastructure and bolstering small businesses. In addition, this growth has brought the relocation and/or expansion of more than 130 businesses in our state. Along with those who come here to work, thousands of tourists come to see where their favorite film or TV show was shot and stay, eat and shop locally.

As a (LIST JOB IN INDUSTRY), I know all of this activity is a direct result of the highly effective tax incentive we offer the TV and film industry. It’s positively impacting us all. Did you know Georgia is now tied for No. 3 in worldwide film production? In total, more than 700 film and television projects have been shot, and the impact it has on our state rests at more than $7 billion annually.

The fact is, when money is spent on this industry in Georgia, jobs are created, businesses thrive, and our state prospers. I appreciate the work of Governor Deal and the legislators who support us.





Here are links to a few of the major publications but please reach out to any others that are in your community.  You may want to consider online publications too:

* Atlanta Journal-Constitution (200 words or less):

* Macon Telegraph (submit online – 200 words or less):

* Savannah Morning News (250 words or less):

* Athens Banner Herald (400 words or less):

* Rome News-Tribune (200 words or less):

* Gainesville Times (submit online – 500 words or less):

* Augusta Chronicle (submit online – 300 words or less):

* Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (submit online – 200 words or less):

* Blue Ridge, The News Observer:

* Neighbor Newspapers, Inc., Managing Editor: Brian T. Clark, E-mail:

* Northside Bureau,, Editor: Everett Catts Publications: Northside Neighbor, Sandy Springs Neighbor, Vinings Neighbor

* West Metro Bureau,,, Editor: Tom Spigolon, Publications: Douglas Neighbor, Paulding Neighbor, Bartow Neighbor

* DeKalb Bureau, Editor: Christine Fonville, Publications: Dunwoody Neighbor, North DeKalb Neighbor, DeKalb Neighbor, Brookhaven Neighbor

* North Fulton Bureau, Editor: Rachel Kellogg, Publications: Roswell Neighbor, Alpharetta Neighbor, Milton Neighbor

* South Metro Bureau, Editor: Noreen Cochran, Publications: South Fulton Neighbor, Henry Neighbor

2 – Show Up

On Wednesday, March 15th, 9:00 am  join us at the Capitol for Georgia Film Day.  And before you go, reach out to your state representative and state senator to let them know you’re coming – invite them out to a photo op with you!  Be Sure to tag your photo with #GAFilmDay and #GPP

Locate your legislators –



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