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Florida film loses again to Georgia, ‘Gifted’ hits theaters nationwide soon


Another missed opportunity for the Florida film industry will soon hit theaters nationwide.

The movie “Gifted”, about a single man (Chris Evans) raising a child (McKenna Grace), is set in St. Petersburg, Florida, but the movie was filmed in Georgia. Screenwriter Tom Flynn, who lives in St. Petersburg, said he based the movie off his gifted sister and two nieces. He always pictured it being filmed in his city.

“It was originally written as St. Petersburg. It has a lot of sites in it. You’re going to see Ferg’s Bar, you know, Mark Ferguson’s Bar. You’re going to see that, but in Savannah, dressed up,” said Flynn. Since Florida lawmakers put a stop to offering film incentives, productions, like “Gifted”, have been forced to head north in search of a better deal.

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