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“Waiting for B” – Atlanta Film Festival Review (4.5 of 5 Stars)


By Christina Nicole, Senior Editor

Who run the world? Girls. Beyoncé not only sings the song, but she is the girl who truly runs the world. Beyoncé is iconic. She is Queen Bey. Beyoncé is a ‘sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare’ either way she leaves her fans speechless and in awe. Getting tickets to a Beyoncé show is big deal and an even bigger expense. How long would you wait to be first in line for Beyoncé? What would you give to go to her concert?

The Beyhive is worldwide. Waiting for B spans the two months preceding Beyoncé’s 2013 Sao Paulo concert; it shows the lengths that a group of friends in Sao Paulo are willing to go through, to be first in line for her concert.

The film’s subjects are quite camp for two months outside of the stadium to make sure they’d get in first. One of the campers had sold his apartment to pay for his concert ticket and another worked three jobs. The majority of the Beyhive that “got in formation” to wait for B were gay men. While camping in front of the stadium, they discussed their mutual love for Beyoncé and the issues gays in Brazil face. The homophobia in Brazil can be difficult to bear, but they stand strong together.

The directors, Paulo Cesar Toledo and Abigail Spindel did an amazing job making Waiting for B. They went into this project wanting to make a short film, but they ended up with a fascinating feature. Paulo’s day job is in film and television production, but Waiting for B is his first solo project. He said that he had been wanting to make his own film, but he was having a hard time finding a subject or script that wouldn’t cost much to produce. He’d been watching the news and saw a segment about people waiting in long times in long lines for stuff; and it clicked.

Paulo had a camera and a mic and a wife to use to make the film. Paulo and Abigail visited the camp at different times on different days over the eight weeks preceding the concert. They interviewed people but mostly they were silent observers. When asked how they got the campers to be so comfortable with the camera being there, Paulo remarked that he and his wife had been there so much that the campers seemed to have stopped noticing the camera and were quite candid with each other.

The campers passed the time discussing why everyone camping out is gay, Beyoncé’s hair and blackness, Beyoncé entourage, what they will wear to the concert, what they had to do to get their concert ticket, laughing and dancing the choreography they learned from watching the music videos and concert DVDs.

Waiting for B is a great film. It has had a small distribution in Brazil and is presently on the festival circuit. The film has screened at the New Orleans Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival and others all around the world. The film shows how Beyoncé’s fans are loyal and dedicated; they are ‘Crazy in love’ with her. Her music is infectious. The fun and excitement emanate from the screen.

I give it a 4.5 of 5 stars.


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