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Guardians of the Galaxy Pick Their Favorite Characters


The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 maneuvered into position as the juggernaut of spring with reported pre-sales of upwards of $150 million. That vote of confidence came on the strength of the huge success of the first installment of Marvel’s perhaps most irreverent franchise.

Credit has to go to James Gunn who perfectly administers the humor and adventure in what is essentially a road movie/buddy picture of galactic proportions. With the addition of a couple of new characters, Volume 2 doubles down on the original formula while maintaining the chemistry of the original team: the heart of the space opera’s success. The HFPA’s Mirai Konishi, Helen Hoehne and Brent Simon spoke to Gunn and Marvel honcho Kevin Feige and asked the stars about their favorite characters.

See the video here. Courtesy HFPA.


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