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How to Get the Best Results When Faking Slow Motion in Premiere Pro

This is how to get your slow mo shots to look buttery and smooth without shooting at high frame rates.

Today’s cameras, even the ones in smartphones, are capable of recording high frame rates at pretty decent resolutions (at least 720p). What does this mean? Slow motion for pretty much everyone! However, a lot of entry level cameras only get as high as 60 fps, which is definitely slow(er) motion than the standard 24 fps and 30 fps, but it certainly doesn’t produce that real buttery smooth, honey-like slow mo you typically see in today’s videos.

So, how do those of us who don’t have a camera that shoots at 120 fps or more achieve these stylish shots? Well in this tutorial, filmmaker Peter McKinnon shows you how to do it by using features in Adobe Premiere Pro. Check it out:

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