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‘Midnight Rider’ Director’s Incarceration Being Probed by FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is actively investigating whether Randall Miller, director of the ill-fated Gregg Allman biopic Midnight Rider, was wrongfully prosecuted and incarcerated for his alleged role in the death of 27-year-old camera operator Sarah Jones. That’s according to new court documents filed by Film Allman, still battling its insurance company for millions of dollars over a production that was suspended when the film crew set up on a railway trestle bridge train in Georgia only to flee upon the arrival of a train barreling forward at an estimated 57 miles per hour.

After the fatal accident on Feb. 20, 2014, prosecutors in Georgia charged Miller, who then took a plea deal for criminal trespassing and involuntary manslaughter. He was supposed to serve two years in prison, but only served about half that time thanks to problems later found with the plea agreement. He was released in March 2016, and at the time, those close to Jones expressed outrage.

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