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Apply to Join the ATLFF ’18 Screening Committee


More than 6,000 works were submitted for consideration into the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival—another huge increase from the year before. From these hopeful filmmakers, we have only the capacity to program around 200 features, short films, pilot episodes and music videos combined. How do we decide which films to play? How do we go through those thousands of entries to sort the ones that will please our local audience the best?

We get help. A lot of help.

Most of that help comes from our volunteer Screening Committee. Members of this team watch dozens (sometimes hundreds) of short or feature films each, evaluating them along the way. This helps the programming team sort out the worthy from the not-so-worthy so they can make the final decisions.

With nearly 2,000 submissions already received for consideration into ATLFF ’18, we are excepting applications to join our Screening Committee. Volunteer screeners can earn a variety of perks (free tickets and passes to the festival) based on how many films they watch, and films can be watched most anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you have the time, the interest and the fortitude to help us screen thousands of submissions, please apply to join our Screening Committee! Space is limited, so not all applicants will be chosen. Additionally, if you have an interest in reading submitted screenplays for the ATLFF ’17 Screenplay Competition, apply to be a reader! Please apply by June 28, 2017. Applications may be re-opened at a later date.

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