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ATL Editing Workshop Announced


Film editors can average as much as $3,000 a week, and with Atlanta providing tax credits to the industry there is now a demand like no other for editors to produce projects.

This workshop is only $25 and $15 for online streaming. It is one of 3-parts to the series. Sign up TODAY and apply tomorrow for your next editing position.

This is where Jeral Clyde Jr. comes in, a Westside Atlanta Native that grew up in University Homes, and later graduated from the University of West Georgia where he made a mark in the film industry by being able to work on the following projects: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Spiderman, Paternity Court, and a host of other productions.

He also has his own tv network: where he produces short films, movies, and documentaries.

Jeral’s goal is to train everyday people how to get their break into the film industry by teaching editing workshops. These workshops have resulted in past attendees getting their first projects, which he then guides them through.

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