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Birmingham Launches Film Office as State Lags in Big Productions


Big-budget filmmaking isn’t limited to Hollywood. More films are being shot in states like Louisiana, Georgia, and Kentucky.  But Alabama has been trying to grow its film industry. One recent success?  The horror film “Get Out”, which grossed over $230 million worldwide. But the state is still eclipsed by its neighbor  — Georgia.

“So many of the movies and TV shows that you see on TV or at that theater today are actually filmed right next door in Georgia,” says Kevin Langston, Georgia’s deputy commissioner of tourism.

Georgia’s become a filmmaking juggernaut. Langston says 240 productions were filmed in the state in 2016. According to Ad Week, Georgia’s movie and TV shows had an economic impact of $7 billion in a year. The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 are a few of the TV shows and movies shot in the state.

“Give us a little bit of time,” says Buddy Palmer, president of Create Birmingham. “We’ll be reeling them into Alabama.”

Create Birmingham recently opened Film Birmingham. The non-profit serves as a hub for filmmakers eying the magic city. It’s received about $150,000 in funding from different local foundations. The mayor’s proposed budget includes $100,000 for Film Birmingham.

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