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Columbus artist Bo Bartlett keeps it local for his first feature-length film


Columbus artist Bo Bartlett, known nationally for his realist works, is painting again.

But this time the canvas is different, even if the familiar backdrop of his hometown of Columbus is the same.

Bartlett, along with his wife and fellow artist Betsy Eby, is directing and producing a feature-length film — “Things Don’t Stay Fixed.” It is being shot this month throughout Columbus.

“It’s the biggest painting we have ever made,” Eby said.

The two are self-funding the ultra low-budget film that has paid lead actors and paid professional production crews.

“I didn’t have preconceived notions about how easy or hard it would be,” Bartlett said. “I was scared to death prior to the first couple of days. Once you are in it, it is a little like drawing a painting. You don’t stop to think about it. But prior to it I was pretty terrified just because of the scope of it. There are 50 people employed. … The great thing about the cast and crew is everyone is in it for the love of it.”

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