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GGDA Launches Patreon to Support Livestream


Announcement from GGDA — Over the years, the GGDA has generated a lot of content on game development, and now our Livestream channel on Mixer is letting us create even more. In order to help support our efforts to stream even more valuable content, we have started a Patreon for just that purpose.

While we understand that most of our Patreon supporters will come from outside of our GGDA member family, we appreciate those members who will also support us this way. Some of you have told us you would like to do more to support the GGDA, either because you cannot afford an annual membership, your company buys it for you, or you just value what we do above and beyond what your membership costs. This Patreon give you that opportunity.

Supporting the Patreon allows you to help shape our livestream, access the presenters and speakers, promote your own studio or titles, or even run ads on our channel. Check it out, and even if you don’t support it now, email to let us know what you think about it.


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