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Here Are 3 Major Lessons from the Larson Studios Hacking Fiasco

Larson Studios was hacked, and the fallout from the breach has lessons for everyone in the industry.

Larson Studios does post-production sound on a variety of projects, chief among them the popular HBO series Orange is the New Black. As Variety details in an exclusive story, Larson was hacked by the self-described Dark Overlord of Hollywood and held for blackmail over Christmas 2016.

Here are three major lessons worth remembering as you navigate the world of data security.

1. Blackmailers can’t be trusted

Blackmail is a common element in film noir not just because of the power dynamic, but also due to the element of trust: how do you know you can trust the blackmailer? Like that famous toe scene in The Big Lebowski, Larson Studios wanted proof that their footage was taken—some token to demonstrate the criminals had what they said they had. They received it over email and discussed it with the FBI. Then, they went against the FBI’s advice and paid the ransom.

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