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Monolopolous Productions Announces Film Screenings at Plaza Theatre


Monolopolous Productions in association with Global Film Conspiracy announces the world premiere of three Atlanta-made films: ALPHA, Dead Men and Friends to the End on June 24th at the historic Plaza Theater.

Guests will experience a thrilling combination of Neo-western, Action, Sci-Fi, and dramatic films. The event includes live puppetry, screenings of local Atlanta filmmaker trailers, live musical performances, pre-party and after party celebrations, a red carpet walk and an entertainment industry mixer; all in one fun filled evening.

ALPHA navigates a government project that pits three genetically-altered soldiers against one another. Only one can become the new alpha. Dead Men follows three men attempting to deliver mysterious message while they are being pursued by a dangerous man through the southeastern wilderness. Friends to the End explores an imaginary friendship that helps a middle-aged under achiever stuck at a dead-end job, with a family who doesn’t appreciate him.

All three films are the work of local writer/director Ryan Monolopolus’s collaborations with members of the expansive Atlanta film community. The creative team includes Jeremy Cournyea, Michael Kam, Nina Marinov, Josiah Morgan, Josh Saideman, Cameron Garrity, Siete and Carlos A Velasco.


“Alpha”- Jake Guinn, Laurie Catherine Winkel, David Sisson, Joshua Flaugher and Ryan Monolopolus.

“Dead Men”- P David Miller, Nishant Gogna, Josh Brook, Jake Guinn, Charles Barden.

“Friend to the End”- Bob Bozek, Nisey Woods, Charity Hitchcock, Cameron Garrity, Olivia Gropp, Jack McQuaid, Apollo Kent, Michael Kam.

Limited seating is available, to purchase tickets visit here.


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