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SAG-AFTRA Urging Members to Write Congress in Support of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act


Note from SAG-AFTRA

One of SAG-AFTRA’s most important core principles is supporting music and the artists who create it.

And Congress has given us a chance to do just that. But we need your help.

Just recently, a group of elected officials in Washington, D.C. introduced the Fair Play Fair Pay Act. This bipartisan bill is designed to restore a fundamental American principle of fairness to music: People who work should be paid for their efforts, particularly when others are making a profit from it.

Currently, big radio corporations earn billions of dollars by playing artists’ tracks without paying artists a cent. The legislation restores much needed fairness to our current system and ensures that featured and backup artists and musicians will receive royalties when their work is played on AM/FM radio. The legislation would also restore fairness for artists whose works were recorded before 1972 and end satellite radio’s special “grandfathered” below-market, rate.

With your support, we have a real chance to make sure the Fair Play Fair Pay Act is enacted into law. There is genuine momentum for performance rights, and support for true copyright reform has never been stronger. We need your help to seize on this historic opportunity and defend artists’ rights for fair compensation no matter where their music is heard.

Take a moment to visit musicFIRST’s advocacy action center to write to your Congress member in support of music creators and the Fair Play Fair Pay Act. It only takes a minute to add your voice to the chorus of support for American music creators.

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