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“Art Sale” Short Film Screening @ the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival


(Press release) – If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been randomly pulled into a wildly elaborate inside joke that you ended up really liking, Art Sale will remind you of that time. A WildSoul Films production directed by Jeff Gentner, written by Zae Jordan, and starring Jordan himself with Javier Williams, this short film packs in all the artistic irony you’ll ever need.

(Event is tonight, July 10th.)

Phillip and Dante “Pink Turner” represent an accidental hip duo of E-class black Atlanta bros who are selling a few pieces of “sh**ty art” that they made with “their go**amn bare hands.” They’re known for their various city parking lot appearances and inappropriate compliments towards their audience, which consists of a medley of confused white suburbans, white trash drug dealers, and black old grannies. Unsurprisingly (or is it…?) the sale is a bust, but not until some Instagram-famous girl named Elizabeth, or “YungSavageee,” rides by in her Beetle and gives Philip and Pink Turner a chance, with her attention that is. The pure awkwardness that flows through this interaction (which consists of a super awkward rape joke and a loud love declaration of Future) could really be a film on its own. These boys are weird, desperate and strangely relatable, and with the final words of the film being “Zoe Kravitz’s vagina,” you’re left feeling oddly content.

The overall setting of the film is simple; the black and white wash and smooth editing really makes you focus more on the cringe-worthy moments and beautiful shroom-produced art, and less on any choppy edits or movement. What really carries the film from beginning to end is the music; the songs give a cool Atlanta-vibe that would definitely be lacking without some heavy jams by Snubnose Frankenstein, Father, and Abra. There’s a nice unity to the whole film with Jordan and Williams doing a cheesy dance for the intro and conclusion of the video, which makes you feel like you just dreamt the whole 10 minutes anyway.

Does this film have an actual meaning? Maybe, or maybe you’re just supposed to enjoy the ride and try not to make sense of “sh**ty art.” Maybe art is just upside down McDonald’s sign boobs, but either way Art Sale gets away with showcasing this irony in an eyebrow-raising, hilarious way.

Catch “Art Sale” at The Atlanta Comedy Film Festival. A theatrical screening event for international independent filmmakers to showcase their comedy films in Atlanta, Georgia. The ACFF showcases short comedy films (under 30 minutes) and micro short films (under 5 minutes) from all over the world, in HD, at the Synchronicity Theatre in downtown Atlanta.

Tickets available here.

Synchronicity Theatre

1545 Peachtree Street Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30309


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