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Documentary explores Savannah hip-hop


A local budding filmmaker is sharing the stories of Savannah’s hip-hop scene for a good cause.

Taylor Henderson, director, producer, writer, and cinematographer of theSAV: Documentary was bartending on the Southside when he got his first real glimpse into his hometown hip-hop scene.

While he was behind the bar slinging drinks, Rapper Dirty K was pumping up the crowd, hosting a freestyle hip-hop battle.

“While I was working, I got to see a bit of the local scene,” he recalls. “I wondered, ‘Why don’t I know more about this?’”

Henderson, an amateur filmmaker who, after some time in Atlanta, had recently moved back home and purchased a camera, was intrigued and inspired.

Soon, he was attending local battles and concerts with a camera and tripod, capturing the sound and stories of Savannah’s rappers.

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