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Georgia Film Academy Helps Fill Industry’s Workforce Gap


The GFA is a collaboration between Georgia’s university and technical college systems. It doesn’t award degrees. However, it offers college-level courses designed to train students in “below the line” trades, like props, painting and construction.

Many GFA students are enrolled in other state schools. Some colleges teach GFA courses on campus. At others, students can take GFA classes at the school’s campus on the sprawling Pinewood Studios Atlanta lot in Fayetteville. Georgia’s HOPE program covers tuition costs for students who qualify…

However, Stepakoff says, one piece of the business is missing in Georgia: content creation, or what the industry calls “above the line” trades. Most TV shows and movies are created, written and edited in New York or Los Angeles…..

“We had 409 writers’ rooms in North America last year,” he says. “About 15 or 16 of those writers’ rooms were in New York. All the rest were in Los Angeles.”

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