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Miami-Dade County Wants To Set Up Its Own Film Incentive Program To Counter Lack Of State Funding


The film industry may soon find it more appealing to make TV shows and movies in Miami-Dade County as commissioners consider a county-based film incentive program.

For the second year in a row, the state failed to fund a statewide program, much to the ire of  local industry professionals, who were calling for $50 million in tax credits. Opponents called any money earmarked for film incentives “Hollywood handouts.”

Meanwhile, local film professionals say work is drying up. “Bloodline,” which was filmed in the Keys, has been canceled. There are rumors that the remake of the classic South Florida film “Scarface” will be filmed in Atlanta. The second season of “American Crime Story,” which will focus on the South Beach murder of Gianni Versace, largely won’t be filmed on South Beach.

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