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Movie about this particular town couldn’t be more perfect for Macon Film Festival


Macon native Tim Hall’s “Born River Bye” is a cultural experience that could really resonate with those who attend its screening at the Macon Film Festival.

It’s been 10 years since Hall graduated from First Presbyterian Day School and his film will be presented at the 12th annual Macon Film Festival under the Georgia Feature Narrative category.

“It’s about two childhood friends who reconnect in Macon, Georgia. It explores life in the South and two characters dealing with Southern expectations. While one conforms, the other doesn’t and the story follows as they figure out what they want out of life,” Hall said.

Hall said he wanted to showcase the reality of living in the South.

“We aren’t all sitting on front porches, sipping tea out of Mason jars. The South isn’t portrayed in film often and when it is it’s displayed as a caricature,” Hall said.

The film features historic and identifiable parts of Macon that will likely create a sense of familiarity for the audience.

“We shot all over town and businesses like Starcadia, which is now closed, let us. It functions as another thing from the character’s lives that has decayed,” Hall said.

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