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North Miami follows Miami-Dade, Announces film incentive program


As more TV and film productions make their home in Georgia, California and elsewhere outside the Sunshine State, another local government is hoping to make up a part of the nearly $300 million in incentives that Florida once offered to the industry.

North Miami, which has a long history of hosting TV and movie shoots from “Flipper” to “Ballers,” is following the lead of Miami-Dade County in offering incentives to TV and film production companies if they spend thousands in the city. Companies could receive reimbursements as well as breaks on certain fees, parking and other costs. The city of Miami Beach is drafting ordinances that would establish a similar program.

The city’s program, approved by City Manager Larry Spring in June and announced Tuesday, will provide 30 percent reimbursement of costs for filming, if it’s done in the city’s redevelopment area. That area covers the majority of the city’s central and western side and a portion of the east side off Biscayne Boulevard.

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