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The End of Subsidies Kills Miami’s Film Industry


Last year, the state turned off the spigot for incentive money, and now few movies and TV series are being shot here. Burn Notice, the story of a quirky, washed-up secret agent, has stopped filming. Ballers, a series starring University of Miami hero Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, folded up its tent and moved to Los Angeles. Even Bloodline recently called it quits. “The lack of incentive is essentially what killed the show,” Masoud says of the last while standing by the lonely fish pond. “They were prepared with stories for five to six seasons.”

Recently, producers of two major projects with Miami roots have chosen to shoot in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles, respectively: a feature film about the killing of Miami cigarette boat racer Don Aronow, starring John Travolta, and the second season of FX’s American Crime Story, which will focus on Gianni Versace’s murder in South Beach. Both are receiving government incentives for working elsewhere.

Though local communities are beginning to come up with their own solutions and a few projects remain, many like Masoud now fear the industry that once put modern Miami on the map with large-scale productions such as Miami Vice is essentially dead.

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