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What would it take for the film industry to make its way to Southwest Georgia?


In 1940, the first movie filmed in Albany hit the big screen.

Albany makes it onto the big screen

The film, “The Biscuit Eater”, featured areas of the Good Life City. The mayor at the time asked the production company to credit Albany within the first two minutes of the film.

But it’s been several years since Albany has seen a film production.

15 minutes of fame just isn’t enough

The last time the city served as a backdrop for a major motion picture was back in 2012. Walt Disney’s “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” used a block of West Society Avenue for a bike riding scene.

Albany Film Liaison Rashelle Beasley worked with film representatives on “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. The 36-member crew shot in Albany for five days resulting in an economic impact of $56,360.

Beasley said a lot of filmmakers are now choosing to shoot their movies inside studios.

Should Albany invest in a studio?

“A lot of things they can do in studio. They can take a setting and film everything on a green screen and put everything in the background,” Beasley explained.

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