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AMC buys ‘The Walking Dead’ studio for $8.25 million


AMC has purchased Riverwood Studios, the home base for “The Walking Dead” since 2011, for $8.25 million.

The 120-acre facility has been owned by Kudzu Productions Inc. It’s 35 minutes south of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport not far from downtown Senoia.

Kudzu is primarily owned by Paul Lombardi.  Scott Tigchelaar, former president of Riverwood Studios AKA Raleigh Studios Atlanta, also has a small stake in it.

Through Senoia Enterprises, Tigchelaar and Brian Jagt have spent the past decade developing downtown Senoia, which has become a “Walking Dead” tourist town and was home to the fictional Woodbury seasons three and four. The company also owns the walled-off residential area known on the show as Alexandria.

“The studio is owned by my uncle Paul,” Tigchelaar said. “He no longer wanted to be a studio owner.”

AMC has been the sole tenant there for seven years. “This is a good sign that AMC is committed to Georgia and will be here a long time,” he said.

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