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Blakely Georgia native Stan Houston brings Hollywood home


Stan Houston is bringing a little Hollywood back to the Wiregrass.

Houston will perform in an upcoming movie, “Killer Issues,” that will be shot in his hometown of Blakely, Georgia. The movie, which is being created as a pilot for Netflix, is the first of a series of independent movies that will be filmed in Blakely.

Houston’s friendship with producer and director Scott C. Brown brought Blakely to Brown’s attention. Brown said it’s easier for independent filmmakers to work in places like Blakely because there are fewer issues with permitting and other bureaucratic headaches.

Houston started acting to spend more time with his daughter, who was interested in the craft. Their shared hobby resulted in Houston getting cast in an independent horror movie shot in Blakely. That role led to other work, including appearances on “Eastbound and Down” and a major role in the civil rights era film “Selma.”

Houston said he hopes the attention Blakely will get from Brown’s work, which is part of The Indie Vision Project, an intellectual properties company headed by Brown and Jonathan Cocco, will draw further film industry investment to Blakely. Houston said Blakely has many elements that lend themselves to film production.

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