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CATMEDIA Entertainment Wraps Post-Production in Y’allywood


CATMEDIA Entertainment has wrapped production on its first feature-length film, Mnemosyne (neh-mo-see-nee). The entire film was shot and produced in Georgia, the Hollywood of the South.

In August 2017, CATMEDIA Entertainment, headed by Catherine Downey and her creative team wrapped post-production on its first full-length film, Mnemosyne. The process of producing this film began in February 2016.

With the end of the first unit of production in September 2016, the first phase of post-production began and continued until the second unit of production commenced in March 2016. Writer/Director William Warren has been present through it all.

“Most people have this idea that directing a film is like taking an idea from your head and making everyone else execute that idea, but it’s nothing like that. You aren’t carving marble. It’s more like you’re raising a child, and it takes a village. So, while the writers, producers, and directors might be seen as parents, everyone that works on the movie makes their own mark on it, and by the end you’ve got this beautiful thing that is completely different than how you first thought it would be, and infinitely better.”

Mnemosyne is a southern-gothic thriller that follows Cam, the son of a cult leader, whose been told his entire life that everything but the island he lives on was destroyed in an apocalyptic event. But when Cam’s sister falls ill, he is forced to find a way to save her, and discovers the sinister truth about his family and the island he calls home.

CATMEDIA has submitted Mnemosyne to the 2018 Sundance Film festival which takes place January 18-28 in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Sundance, Utah.

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