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Film: Why can’t Oklahoma be the next Georgia?


Oklahoma-based film company Nathan Gardocki Productions hosted its first two-day film workshop in downtown Oklahoma City over the weekend, with the goal of growing the filmmaking community in Oklahoma.

Dubbed the “NGP Film Production Workshop,” the event was directed at high school and college students in Oklahoma who sought real, hands-on experience working on films.

Saturday, about 40 students were involved in the production of a short film titled “The Resistance,” a post-apocalyptic, robot-takeover action-drama. The students worked with about 20 instructors who are plugged-in to the film industry in Oklahoma and nationwide and learned all aspects of filmmaking, from lighting to wardrobe to acting, through hands-on action in a real setting….

According to Trevor, finding more work for local talent would also lead to a better local product and “show off what Oklahoma film could be.”

“When people got fed up with filming in L.A., they moved to Louisiana. When they got fed up with filming in Louisiana, they moved to Georgia. Everything’s filmed in Georgia now… So our attitude is, ‘Why can’t Oklahoma be the next Georgia? Eventually, it’s going to be too expensive to film in Georgia.”

Trevor and the rest of the NGP crew hope to continue this workshop every year, and Trevor himself explained that the big-picture endeavor could benefit more than just the film industry.

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