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Lights, camera, inaction – could Brexit hurt the British film production boom?


The British film production boom, from blockbusters including the new Star Wars trilogy to smaller domestic flicks and European co-productions, has played a role in propping up growth in the UK economy following the Brexit vote.

However, producers – including the backer of a film about that most British of figures, Winston Churchill – have warned that severing links with Brussels will endanger the industry. Lionsgate, which released Churchill in June, worries that Brexit will impede the already complex process of funding, filming and releasing a multimillion-pound product.

One Lionsgate-backed film that might have struggled post-Brexit is Rupert Everett’s directorial debut about Oscar Wilde’s last days, The Happy Prince, now finished and awaiting release. “Lots of films are multi-territory European co-productions, like The Happy Prince for example. It is being made with UK, Luxembourg and German money,” says Zygi Kamasa, the UK and European chief executive of US-based Lionsgate, which makes, finances and distributes films such as the recently released The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which was partly filmed in the UK.

“We currently don’t even know what it means for movies like that once Brexit occurs. What is the opportunity to keep those productions through EU funding? What does it mean for funding those movies? Could there be levies, or issues getting German funding into a British movie, for example? There are risks associated with Brexit.”

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